It may be surprising for some to know this but there are people who only survive eating canned food. The long shelf life, the cost, as well as the convenience of food in the canned variety attract a lot of busybodies who do not have the time to cook.


My friend Sara is one of these people. She works in a radio station and when she was just starting out as a young media exec, she had to learn how to survive in the big city by eating cheap food that did not take a lot of her time. It was actually her mom who taught her to stock canned food. Sara loved the convenience it provided her. She said she just did not have the patience to chop up veggies or even wait to defrost frozen peas. It was much easier for her just to open a can and put that in a pot.


After years of working and being promoted as a senior executive, she could definitely afford to buy fresh produce or eat in posh restaurants, but her beloved canned products are still mainstays in her pantry. As they say, old habits die hard.


Although I personally prefer fresh vegetables, I also understand how canned food can easily simplify the process of cooking. There have been many debates about BPA traces in metal tin cans and how this can affect our overall health, however, an occasional canned vegetable like mushrooms, peas or squash would still be preferable than eating a greasy slice of pizza.


I shared this recipe using squash. Squash is a very nutritious fruit (yes, it’s considered a fruit not a vegetable!). It contains Vitamin C, magnesium, very high levels of Vitamin A, and antioxidants. It is also low in cholesterol, plus has a very pleasant taste.


Velvety Squash Soup


You’ll Need:
1 squash with Vidalia onion
2 Tbsp. of fat-free cream cheese
1/2 tsp of garlic powder
salt & pepper, to taste
1-2 tsp butter buds
1 Tbsp. shredded 2% milk cheddar cheese
1 scoop of Unflavored Protein Powder

Cooking Method:


Cook on stove and combine the ingredients with a hand immersion blender and puree until smooth, heated through and bubbly. Enjoy the flavors of fall!!