The variety of workout shoes available in the market today can be so overwhelming. Not only do you have the color, fit, or style to choose from – shoe brands today market running shoes with high-tech features and futuristic materials. With so many choices, is there an easy way to know what the right one for you is?

While every person is different and there are different shoe types that suit different workout activities, there are still some tips that you can keep in mind when going shoe shopping.

1.    Go for comfort not style or promised features

It is easy to be swayed by marketing gimmicks that promise to improve your performance or make you look like your fave celebrity athlete. Of course, who wouldn’t want to rock the coolest pair of sneakers in the gym?

But when choosing a workout shoe, the priority should be your level of comfort rather than aesthetics. It does not matter if it is supposed to be the most amazing shoe ever designed, if it does not feel right on you- don’t force it just for the sake of following a trend.

2.    Try out different shoe options

While it may be very convenient to buy many items online, it is better to shop for shoes personally so you can try them out. If you want to buy shoes online, make sure you had a chance to try them out in a shoe shop. This will ensure that you have the right fit.

Don’t just try out one style or brand. Try different types of shoes so that you can compare them with one another.

3.    Walk, jump and jog in place to test out the shoes

Sometimes, a pair of shoes may feel comfortable while walking but when you jog or jump with them, they may feel lose. Test out the sneakers before you buy them. Run around the store, jump or jog in place. This will let you know whether you can move comfortably while working out and wearing the shoes.

4.    Get a shoe that is a half-size bigger

When you’re working out, your feet will swell so it is ideal to get a shoe that is a half size bigger. This way, your shoes will not be too tight when working out. If you shoes are too tight, they will feel uncomfortable and will affect your performance negatively.

It is also recommended to shop in the evening. Your feet are bigger in the evening because they have already swollen during the course of the day. When you schedule your shoe shopping trip in the evening, you will not run into the problem of choosing a shoe that’s too small for you because your feet are already bigger.


5.    Choose a shoe based on activity

Depending on how you will use the shoes, there are now different designs that are specifically built for an activity. There are shoes made for running, cross training and different sports like basketball, soccer, tennis and many more.

Choosing shoes that are tailor made to your routine can help you perform better when working out. It can offer you adequate support to ensure that you are also protected from injury.