If there was one cuisine Eden love to bits, it was Mexican food. She said that the variety of appetizing flavors just makes her happy and forget all of her problems. Whenever Eden was stressed, forget ice cream, she’d rather have four servings of cheesy beef enchiladas!


However, Eden’s stress eating was not an occasional occurrence, rather, it was a habit she developed and kept for years. Food became her refuge and Mexican cuisine her savior from depression. Unfortunately, it was also food who caused a lot of her health problems.


When Eden decided to have weight loss surgery, she was of course upset about giving up unhealthy indulgences but she knew that she had to take her health seriously as she had young kids depending on her. She said that taking care of herself meant that she was also thinking about her kids in the future.


I admire stories like Eden because the motivation comes from a place of love, not only for others but for one’s self as well. It shows that self-love and self-care is also important because when you are whole and healthy as a person, you have more in you to give – you can have more energy, more happiness and more healthy years to devote.


When I learned about Eden’s love for Mexican cuisine, I researched different ways on how she can still enjoy similar flavors, while still maintaining her diet. One way to do this is using sauces and incorporating them into ingredients allowed in the diet.


The recipe below is one example where the egg is cooked in enchilada sauce. It is a very easy yet smart way to give enchilada flavor without the added carps from the tortilla.


You can also top this Enchilada Egg with low-fat cheddar  or Parmesan for that extra cheesy flavor!


Enchilada Eggs


You’ll Need:

10 oz enchilada sauce

4 eggs

salt to taste

Cooking Method:


In a medium skillet, heat the enchilada sauce until simmering.

With a spoon, create a well in the sauce for each egg. Crack an egg and nestle it in the sauce; repeat. Cover the pan for 5 minutes for soft yolks or 7 minutes for firm yokes.

Spoon out eggs with a small amount of sauce and move to serving plates.