After undergoing weight loss surgery, having to eat something completely different from the rest of your family can be uncomfortable and at times, tiring especially if you’re the one preparing the meals of the entire family too. This cannot really be avoided especially during the first stages post-op but when you have already transitioned into the solid food stage, this can become easier.


I have heard stories of a lot of my clients, especially moms, who told me that because of the surgery, their entire families also started to adopt a healthier eating lifestyle. Erica was one of these clients.


Erica said that when she started to serve healthier recipes to her family, it did raise some eyebrows. Her teenage kids were used to pasta and pizza nights so seeing succulent roasted chicken thighs with grilled vegetables on the dinner table was indeed surprising. But it was successful. What Erica did was to make sure that the meals were appetizing enough so her family will not be turned off.  Her experience in making different purees even helped as she was able to upgrade seemingly simple meals by adding an exotic sounding puree such as an asparagus puree over pan fried fish or a pumpkin puree with grilled chicken!


When Erica and her family vacationed at her parent’s home for Thanksgiving weekend, she was faced with a much harder challenge. She was assigned to cook breakfast but since her nephews and nieces were small children, she had to make sure she could prepare something healthy yet kid-friendly too.


The recipe that she came up with were this mini-frittata’s baked in muffin cups. They are loaded with cheddar cheese wedges and turkey bacon that kids love. The sweet bell pepper is also finely minced to add some flavor without turning off the kids.


The end-result was a success! Not only were the egg cups delicious, they were fun and easy to eat too! Cooking these in the oven also makes it easier instead of having to fry eggs one by one!


This recipe can also be modified to add the filling of your choice. You can substitute a different type of cheese and add other herbs or spices depending on your taste.



Breakfast Egg Cups


You’ll Need:

12 eggs

1 orange bell pepper, finely diced

6 strips turkey bacon, cooked and diced

8 wedges Laughing Cow White Cheddar Cheese Wedges

Cooking Method:

Preheat oven to 350F.

Crack eggs in a bowl and whisk. Add finely chopped bell pepper and turkey bacon crumbles. Pour into a greased 12 cup muffin pan (I used stoneware and sprayed lightly with oil).

Add hunks of The Laughing Cow Light White Cheddar Cheese to each muffin cup.

Bake for 30 minutes. Remove and serve or store and save for later!