Carbs. For many of us, they are not the best choice for a healthy diet. We are drawn to carbs even though we realize our love of them derails our better health. They’re kind of like that bad boy your Mom warned you to stay away from, just so hard to resist.
Well, we all know your Mom was right and it is time to take action! You can start making better choices one food swap at a time. It’s easier than you think! These are swaps that you can make at every meal and it doesn’t require a “special” menu just for you. These food swaps are something your whole family can enjoy.
Take a look at some of our favorite offenders and follow the suggested swap for your next breakfast, lunch or dinner.
PASTA – A popular swap for white pasta is whole grain or Soba noodles. Try veggie noodles made of zucchini, sweet potato, or carrot. I love a multi-color mix. Spaghetti squash is easy to make and requires no special kitchen tools. The topping choices are endless and it keeps well for lunch the next day.
BREAD – Kissing bread goodbye might be your most painful breakup but you’ll rebound quickly with this swap. Lettuce wraps! They are crunchy, delicious and any lettuce leave can be used. Soft Boston lettuce for delicate crab salad, a crunchy Romaine for turkey tacos with fixings and Endive leaves as a sturdy holder for tuna fish. I still rely on Celery for egg salad and peanut butter snacks. You can do this!
PIZZA – You’ve heard of the mighty rise of cauliflower. It’s become mashed potatoes, potato salad and now it’s pizza crust. One of my other favorite swaps is using ground chicken as a pizza crust. A bit sturdier than cauliflower but just as easy to make. Instant protein, too! Top with all the nice stuff that pizza reminds you of…like a good marinara, or pesto sauce. Go light on the cheese and big on the veggies for a fast and delicious meal.
Try these swaps and look here for more SMART SWAPS – CARB EDITION 2 next week.