Personally, I love eggs. I feel it is a food breakfast staple. Think of sunny side up, scrambled eggs, egg roll and eggs Benedict. If you are on a diet, eggs can be a good substitute for your protein need. It is also filled with several vitamins and minerals. Not to mention, it is very easy to prepare.

In spite of the good and easy things egg can do to us and our body, there are still others who consider eggs as a threat. An egg is a threat to their health because of its cholesterol content. Others exclaim this could raise your blood cholesterol and would be of high risk of heart disease. Other than that, if you don’t have existing heart conditions and your cholesterol level is normal, having one egg a day would be considered safe. But then again, it would be extremely helpful if a study can be able to validate if egg can really be a threat to one’s health.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition created a study with regards to egg and cholesterol relationship. According to the study, eating eggs and your cholesterol levels are not connected at all. Even if the person has a risk of heart disease, eggs consumption can’t be attributed to it.

In this study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, they look into the dietary habits of 1,032 men. The respondents ate about four medium eggs weekly. In short, eggs comprise 28 percent of their total cholesterol intake. There were also other subjects who ate one medium egg daily. It was found out that subjects who have one egg intake are likely to exercise and smoke. They are also less likely to have diabetes. Those consuming the most cholesterol on 520 milligrams daily were not at a higher risk of experiencing cardiovascular diseases.

To further validate this, there’s this 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for American that lifts the cholesterol restriction of 300 milligrams daily. This only shows that linking cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases are false.

As such, why should you be eating eggs starting today? Below are good reasons to have to.

Eggs are very good for the body. We can’t stress that enough as your body needs eggs too. Think of bioavailability. This indicates that the body can be able to utilize the nutrients in a particular food. Eggs have a higher bioavailability compared to beef, fish, tofu, milk, and beans. There are researches that validate that nutrients coming from eggs like antioxidants, lutein and more are well absorbed by our body.

We go back to why eggs? Eggs provide a lot of nutrients. As previously stated, this contains lutein and zeaxanthin that prevents macular degeneration and even age-related blindness. Eggs also have choline that is good for our brain. Not to mention, it has Vitamin A, B, D, iron, and zinc. All these great nutrients are encapsulated in just 63 calories for one medium egg.

There really is no denying that eggs are good for the body. So don’t hold back whenever you eat one. But then again, everything must be done in moderation. You don’t want to add up your calories right?