Don’t get bored by basic healthy snacks (or worse, turn to fatty junk food). We’ve got some super-simple ways to upgrade your munchies!

We all snack. It’s a part of our daily life and is a pleasurable treat. High fat, overly salted snacks are diabolical to our better health, though, and there are some great ideas here to help out when you are in a munchie mood.

Do you love fries? Can’t resist the dense chewiness and crispness of a fry? There’s an option here that you can make easily. It’ll boost your nutrition and still feel like a splurge.

Are you crazy for ice cream but not crazy about artificial sweeteners in more diet minded brands? There is a great suggestion for several frozen treats, which I love! Great for anyone in the family and perfect for a hot summer night.

Tired of the same old dips? Some of the packaged lower fat versions are so salty. Try the ideas listed here for flavorful savory dips. Give these options a try and excite those taste buds with healthy options!