There are already a lot of diet programs today. We oftentimes see celebrities promoting this and doing that. These fad diets claim quick and even effortless weight loss.

If you have been struggling with your weight, it would be easy to lure us to doing a particular diet program. And we cannot deny how persuasive and reassuring their marketing techniques are. Hence, I don’t blame you if you were sucked into a quicksand of a diet program. I have been there too and I’ve learned a lot.


Here are fad diet claims that have been identified by the Federal Trade Commission that should put us on high alert……

  1. “Safely lose x number pounds or more every week without dieting or exercise!”

There are many red signals in this statement alone, yet we often see and hear this claim whenever we search for a diet program to do. First is the use of the word “safely”. Losing x number of pounds and even more for seven days can lead to gallstones. These are hard crystals that can form in your gallbladder which is vital to your digestive system. Experiencing this is very painful. This can cause fever and nausea. Some even need to go under the knife just to address this. If you are dedicated to a diet program, you might be able to lose the pounds but this could be fluid along with fat. While that sound inviting but you could be depriving your body its much-needed requirements and your health could be at risk.

  1. “Drop four dress/pants sizes in 30 days!”

When I saw this statement before, I literally jumped to the diet program that promises this. Who wouldn’t want to fit in a medium dress and even more in a small one? Yet, I was told there’s no relationship between weight loss and the dress or pants size. This is because it is an individual measurement. This could vary in terms of your weight and height. Even the brand of clothes could come into play in this scenario. For example, I notice there are dress brands where I am a size 8 while there are others that I am size 12. There are even clothing manufacturers that tend to label clothes with a size smaller. This is called vanity sizing.

  1. “Your weight loss will be permanent even when you go off the program!”

Yeah, yeah right! Who wouldn’t want a permanent solution to our weight loss problem right? Losing weight alone is a difficult journey. How much more when we talk about weight maintenance? This requires constant monitoring and you must stick to the diet and to the program. If you are no longer following a weight loss routine, you can be able to gain the weight back in a matter of days especially if you didn’t change your eating and working out habits.

Before you even try a diet claim after reading this, make sure you are not reading these fad diet claims. True, these statements are enticing for marketing and advertising purposes but realizing these involves commitment and another world of discipline. Be skeptical and make sure it is backed by science.