POTATOES. What can we say about potatoes? Such fine nutrition in its unfettered state, but we can’t resist them salted and crisp as chips, fried and dense with our burgers and mashed, in huge. buttery heaps with gravy.
This has got to stop.
I’ve got a few SMART SWAPS to help you break up with your addition to this white starch while not feeling as if there’s a hole in your heart where taters used to be. Try these solutions, and let me know what you think.
POTATO CHIPS – They are most people’s hot addiction. Try using thinly sliced carrot, zucchini or something that is not vegetable based, like parmesan cheese. Lightly, very lightly, salt the vegetables but salt is not needed with the cheese crisps as they have plenty of natural sodium.
FRENCH FRIES – So, the fake out here is the desire for the crisp exterior and dense center. I suggest carrot fries and green bean fries. These can be oven fried after being dredged in egg white or a mist of canola oil, and what keeps you from being bored are all the flavors you can add before cooking. Grated citrus zest and garlic are delicious and will have everyone wanting to share from your plate.
MASHED POTATOES – We have some interesting swaps here, including mashed carrot (add ginger and you’ll feel spoiled), celery root and the infamous cauliflower. Cook them, drain them and be sure to flavor them and keep the fat content low. Swap in chicken or veggie stock instead of using butter. Add herbs to bump up the flavor.
Try these swaps and look here for more SMART SWAPS – CARB EDITION 3 next week.