The final part of this series addresses the most important meal of the day, BREAKFAST.
Cold cereal has always been an easy habit to keep. There are lots of pretty boxful of choices that you don’t have to cook it, and it’s a ready snack just waiting for you.
Cold cereal is also a danger to many of us. Extremely high in sugar, some cereal isn’t even as high in fiber as you’d think. Adding a half cup of milk and the calories skyrocket.
We can do better.
Let’s try another swap, two that you can customize for anyone in your household and that will keep you from getting bored with bland choices.
This is one of the fun ones that you can make days in advance and change up the flavor of each one.
The basic recipe is placing each item into a clean, small jar, then adding fruit, nuts or seeds with flavoring. This is all you need to remember with any size jar:
One part OATS with
Two parts MILK (any kind, meaning dairy or non-dairy) with
One Quarter part of SEEDS
You can cut calories with fat free milk, or you can use half the milk and replace the other half with fat free yogurt.
To create an interesting texture, try chia seeds. Flax seeds are always a good choice, too.
You can use a small amount of chopped nuts, or add fresh fruit such as berries, or stone fruit.
Your flavor choices are endless and it’s a breakfast that is great for your whole family.
A plain, Greek (strained) yogurt can be transformed into any flavor you like with a little vanilla or maple extract, or citrus zest, diced fruit or chopped nuts. Seeds are a great topping, too! These can be a make ahead quick breakfast you can grab on the run, or a wonderful afternoon snack.