We’ve taken on a lot over these last few weeks and have been improving our health along the way. Here are a few more SMART SWAPS to get you over the white starch habit. There are some mighty culprits here but we are going to tackle CRACKERS, RICE and BREADCRUMBS together. We can do this!
CRACKERS – Whole grain is the only way to go, if you must have a traditional cracker but you have other swap options to try. Crispbreads are a great choice, as are flaxseed crackers. Best choice is using cucumber slices, which hold up to toppings well. Endive is the perfect “cracker” and even has a fun handle!
RICE – One of the best swaps there is offers you protein as well as substance is quinoa. It is easily flavored and takes on anything you throw at it. It’s great in chili; excellent as a meat substitute, and fills in when you miss rice. Sauté your aromatic veggies and add them to quinoa and it’s a great side dish. You can make “fried” cauliflower rice and it is so fantastic you wouldn’t know it wasn’t rice. Zucchini is good grated and cooked quickly with garlic and lemon.
BREADCRUMBS – I use these substitutions sparingly, but these swaps work when you want a light, crispy coating on your food. Finely crushed nuts are a wonderful topping for chicken or fish. Grated cheese is also good for a light coating before using an air fryer or baking your food on a rack in the oven.
Try these swaps and look here for more SMART SWAPS – CARB EDITION 4 next week.