There are already a lot of weight loss fads in the market. Some suggest that you eat this or do this. Some would strongly tell you to do this kind of fitness routine and you are guaranteed results within the next few months. While some of these are effective for a few months, some fight it hard to do any of these. Weight loss being a journey is surely no walk in the park. Even more, even if you commit doing some of these diet recommendations, the fat won’t just easily wear off. Hence, it would be better to do something that is easier to do yet guarantees to bid your fats adieu. Friends, eat protein.

You might be taken aback by this recommendation but surely protein can be able to help shrink fat. Below are the reasons why.

Protein helps hunger control. Do remember the more you eat, the more calories you store in your body. In order to shrink fat, you need to take in fewer calories than your body demands. With low calories, your body will be forced to use and burn the fats that you have in store and turn it into fuel. One of the most common problems when one eats less would be their grumbling stomach in just about any time during the day. Yet, if you take in protein this can hold your hunger better and longer. As such, if you feel full your stomach won’t grumble and there’s no need to reach for that chips in your pantry.

Another reason why protein can help burn fat is because it burns more calories during digestion. Yes, protein can help burn more calories. We all know that the body uses energy or in this case calories most especially when we eat food. Our body exerts more than twice amount of energy especially in the process of digestion. A 2014 study that’s published in the Nutrition and Metabolism article states that one can burn an extra 70 calories a day by just getting 30% of the calories from protein source. This number might seem little but when you add over the course of months and years, it can definitely yield a higher number.

Even if protein can indeed help losing those fat, do not just eat over and above the limit. It is suggested to balance it along with carbs and fat. You can do 10 to 25 percent of protein, 45 to 65 percent from carbs and preferably 20 to 35 percent from fat. If you really want to lose weight, aim for 30 percent calories from protein.