If you’re new to the Keto scene, or already a seasoned dieter, you’ve more than likely struggled with one major factor in your diet – SNACKS!

As Keto dieters, you’ve already planned out your meal for the day and we’re talking about breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But what about snacks? When you’re on a low-carb diet, your normal snacking goes out the window quickly.

What can you snack on when you’re at the movies? What can you snack on while you’re watching the big game? Here are some excellent snack options that will help satisfy your cravings without breaking your keto diet:

Pork rinds – These are pork skin that puff up when fried, and these are the perfect substitute for chips. They may not be as filling but they are high in fat, which is perfect for the keto diet. You may not find them in your local grocery stores, but you will find them in your Asian stores.

Guacamole – This may not count as a snack, but this is a dip with countless opportunities. Since this is an avocado based dip, it’s a combination of low-calorie, low-carb, and high fat nutrients that we keto dieters have always dreamed of.

Canned sardines – You’re hesitant, I know. But it’s not that gross or disgusting if you really want to stay true to your Keto diet.

Peanut butter – We’re not talking about any kind of peanut butter. If you’re on the keto diet, you have to steer clear of anything with added sugar or added carbs. Your local health shops are the best places to go to for healthier versions of peanut butter.

Hard-boiled eggs – Make these in large batches, or better yet, hard-boil a whole dozen at once so you’ll have something to grab while on the go.